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Genetec’s site is in action

2016 - 11 - 07

Security that is innovative, intelligent, resilient. This is the leitmotiv of FOR.’s client Genetec, leader in unified security platforms. In this specialized field, they stand out for their technological innovations and their hyper-advanced solutions. Therefore, the design of their new offices in Montréal Technoparc had to respect these values and this hi-tech culture.

Their spaces of 60,000 square feet will integrate a new work area concept called Innovation Circles, which will stimulate their creativity and teams’ interactions. Each circle will be equipped with a Microsoft Surface Hub, the latest team collaboration device. Contrasting with this world of gadgets, the cafeteria/lounge will bring the nature inside and will unite employees in a cozy and friendly atmosphere.

The second phase of the project should be completed by December 2016, and the ground floor in Winter 2017. The same concept realized by FOR. will be applied to their new offices in Québec City, Sherbrooke and even Paris.

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