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experienced designers, for well-planned spaces here and abroad

for. is a team of interior designers specialized in corporate, commercial and multi-unit residential projects. Under the direction of André Davignon, we strive to plan spaces adapted to the context and our client's specific needs. Our collaborative approach, our experience and our organizational skills facilitate the emergence of sensible and creative solutions. The resulting projects are marked with meaning for its users and are a positive addition for the community and the client.

We have also gained expertise in the management and design of international projects. Whether you have offices in Washington, a boutique in Tokyo or premises in Vienna, we develop a global design concept, which we then adopt according to the country and its social, cultural and environmental particularities. We've created circles of real estate and construction partners, professionals, as well as suppliers and distributors of materials, finishes and furniture, to take care of your interior design projects, wherever they may be in the world.

for. a syllable that speaks!

  • forum (acronym in Latin): place where public issues are discussed
  • for intérieur (current french literature): meaning our inner self
  • for (swiss law): where an action is needed
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