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for. the next generation of designers

2016 - 05 - 25

All the members of for. has one thing in common: this passion for design that they even had when they were kids. Because for. wishes to encourage the young ones to follow their dreams and the little designers to grow, we opened our offices to two young interns and a dozen of American university design students last April.

As part of the program Jeunes explorateurs d’un jour, Anastashia 14, and Raffaella 15, experienced the real life of an interior designer. Layouts, 3D, lighting, finishes, timelines and budgets were in their schedules to show them that design is not all about glam and glitz, but it is mostly a reflexion about the human and its relation with the space.

The next day, for. met with 12 future graduates of Arkansas’s Fay Jones School of Architecture + Design.  Although the discussions turned mostly around Québec and Canada’s design challenges, the work conditions, the firm’s structure and its philosophy, all the students left with one thing in their head: design has to make sense and it has to be coherent.

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