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Time to set sail for L’Île Mystérieuse

La Malbaie restaurant-lounge officially opens its doors

2023 - 09 - 12
Île mystérieuse Restaurant lounge Jules Vernes Malbaie FOResign planning. d

Anytime is a good time to celebrate! Although unofficially open since the end of June, L'Île Mystérieuse restaurant-bar brought together a hundred guests to celebrate its official opening on September 7. André Davignon, President, and Laurent Lavauzelle, Senior Technician, attended the event to witness the fruits of their efforts over the past 3 years.

Part lounge restaurant, part tapas bar, L'Île Mystérieuse immerses visitors in an enigmatic, aquatic atmosphere, deeply inspired by the tales of Jules Vernes, who is also the subject of a mini-museum. The marine experience is total, from the curtain wall and porthole engraved with abysses, the circular bar metalized like a submarine, to the bathrooms where corals and eels rub shoulders.

To visit and eat there: L'Île Mystérieuse

Photos: coming in October 2023

Pictured left to right: Jacquelin Bouchard, owner of L'Île Mystérieuse; Sylvain Simard, Architect, owner of SIMARD architecture; Laurent Lavauzelle, Senior Technician at FOR. design planning; André Davignon, President of FOR. design planning.

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