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2014 - 05 - 13

Back from Michigan, Mélanie and Julie return to Quebec with their heads buzzing with ideas!
They participated in a two day full immersion at the Steelcase Research Center in Grand Rapids in the company of their work environment specialists.

The menu :

  • New model in leadership following the breakdown of the hierarchy and the democratization of the workspace.
  • The impact of decisions taken with short term interests versus the loss of gains in the long term.
  • Corporate culture and its inherent value.
  • Space creation offering autonomy and encouraging employees to make efficient choices.
  • Change management with the staff.
  •  « Mobile worker » and teleworking concept bringing new evaluation methods for performing assessment.
  • The downside of standardization and corporate «monoculture».
  • The distinction between innovation and creativity.
  • Solutions for enhancing creativity in the workplace.

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