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Interior Design of the new showroom, Montréal, Canada

Our work habits have changed and the furniture has evolved around this paradigm shift. The working furniture is no more limited to the traditional workstation; this is why the distributor d|vision21 has been created. Therefore, its new showroom had to present many elements that fill out diverse functions, coming from more than 25 collections. Reuniting them in a coherent and harmonious way was a real challenge for FOR.

The guideline to this project was to create a zone within a zone. Each of them sets different atmospheres to meet specific needs; consequently, this elicits distinct emotions. An acoustic hub acts as the entrance of d|vision21’s territory, which is part of Burovision’s spaces, and places us in an intimate cocoon. The share of ideas and informal discussions are rather held around the spacious black island where products and materials are presented to clients. With its low ceiling and warm finishes, the executive zone is full of coziness; we even tend to lower our voice when we enter.

Through this multitude of products, the order comes from the elements alignment. The carpet, the lightings and the acoustic hub create a three-dimensional cohesion. The long horizontal shelf extends the dark wall and becomes an architectural component. A dynamic white wall is originated by the repetition of one acoustic element. And altogether, these pieces tell one story. The story of a living environment at work.


Recipient of the 2018 Grand Prix du Design in the Showroom category.

Photos: Stéphane Brügger




 2 500 sq.ft

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