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SDL Canada


Interior Design of SDL Canadian offices, Montréal, Canada

Many people believe that open work environments are noisy and reduce concentration. But this remains a false belief.
Three essential conditions are needed to achieve successful design: a space intelligently planned with a selected acoustic materials, furniture allowing appropriate privacy while you are seated at your desk, and internal rules that encourage employees to respect silence.
In the case of SDL, an international firm specialized in translation, silence in their offices was the main criteria to consider. They also wanted to create more interaction between their teams. Then we wonder: how to combine collaboration and silence? FOR. has set up multiple meeting places in various configurations: closed rooms for 2 people, meeting furniture with high acoustic panels, a partially glazed cafeteria in the middle of the office transformed into an interaction hub.
All closed rooms and offices have been located at the center of the floor in order to bath workspaces in natural light. The whole concept has been designed following the tones of SDL branding.

Photos: Stéphane Brügger




16 000 sq.ft.


products and finishes

  1. Carpet : Collections Art Style, Color Balance and Art Exposure, by Mohawk
  2. Vinyl : collection Antiek, by Mohawk
  3. Ceramic : collection BG, by Céragrès
  4. Suspended lightings : Fractal, by Eureka Lighting; others, by Matteo Lighting
  5. Recessed lighting :  TR1410, by NDR Electric
  6. Laminates: Arborite, Pionite and Formica.
  7. Movable walls : Moodwall, by Rampart
  8. Graphism: Pow’r studio


  1. Benching workstations : Intuity, by Haworth
  2. Ergonomic chairs : Active
  3. Grey sofa - Reception: Riverbend, by Haworth
  4. Blue armchairs : Poppy, by Haworth
  5. White chairs and stools - Cafeteria: Very, by Haworth
  6. Grey sofas: Visit, by Keilhauer
  7. Booth : Openest, by Haworth
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