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The award-winning Mavrik offices are getting bigger


Mavrik Corp. Offices in Montréal, Canada

While the pandemic has opened the eyes of some companies to consider their offices as a place of gathering, meeting and creativity, Mavrik understood this long before any humanitarian crisis. From their first spaces in 2018, they already had this firm intention to create a unique work environment, specific to its corporate culture, and offering various configurations of individual work, coworking, and collaborative exchanges.

From start-up to established company, Mavrik continues to expand and is now doubling its office area. With the same modern ranch feel as its initial spaces, this 2,000 sq. ft. expansion goes off the beaten path to provide an innovative environment for employees. A couch, a large dining table, playful seatings, a foosball table and alcoves are all in place for everyone to find the ideal setup that suits their tasks and mood.

In order to offer privacy to the closed offices and the meeting room without blocking the natural lighting, a delicate cactus film is applied on the glass partitions. Thus, during the day, the filtered sunrays enter abundantly and tint the spaces with a vegetal green color. And in the evening, the meticulous lighting makes this place cozy, ideal for evening receptions with clients and partners. Guests gather around the large dining table, in the lounge area, observe artworks and soak up into Mavrik's singular energy. 

This is not an office, but rather a living environment.

Collaborator: Haute Creative

For pictures of Mavrik 2018 first project: Mavrik Offices

Photos: Stéphane Brügger




4 100 sf



products and finishes

  1. Carpet - Open areas : Quixotic wrought iron Karastan, by Mohawk
  2. Navajo rug - Living room/lounge : Wayfair
  3. Wall wood veneer : Loeven Morcel
  4. Tracklight :  Juno track master, by Juno Lighting
  5. Recessed lighting : Down 80, by Kreon
  6. Suspended lighting : Myco serie (custom), by Propellor
  7. Floor lamp - Meeting room : Neo, by Nemo Lighting
  8. Wall unit in painted steel and Planterra preserved moss : custom made
  9. Quartz counter : Lapitec Santa Marguerita caledonia, by Céragrès
  10. Built-in furniture : Loeven Morcel
  11. Sink : Précis U Silgranit, by Blanco
  12. Faucets : Nuform
  13. Acoustic panels : Domo, by Unika Vaev at Cime Décor
  14. Movable walls : Dirtt
  15. Printed image and green film on glass: Pow’r studio


  1. Armchairs - Dining/meeting zone : Cap, by Capellini at Cime Décor
  2. Armchairs - Meeting room : Poppy Chair
  3. Table - Meeting room : Immerse, by Haworth at Cime décor
  4. Armchairs - Living room/lounge : LC1 & LC3, by Cassina at Cime Décor
  5. Coffee table - Living room/lounge: Rolf Benz 959, at Avant-Scene
  6. Workstations : standing desks Planes, by Haworth at Cime décor
  7. Bench - Playroom : Buzzi picnic, at Cime décor
  8. Ottomans - Playroom : Living Stones, by S. Marin.
  9. Lounge armchair - Closed office : Must
  10. Ergonomic chairs : Generation & Regeneration, by Knoll
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