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Construction holidays 2020

Portrait by the interior designer

2020 - 09 - 14

When human well-being is turned upside down, we face unpredictability, fatigue, insecurities, and fears.

In this context what should be our position as humans?

Thoughts flow following one another until the choice to take some distance becomes necessary.

Grounded in the present moment just like we settle into space.

Being thankful.

Following the flow of inspirations guided by simplicity and gratitude.

Create moments soft and simple.

Taking care of our environment, of these simple everyday things. The sunlight - bathing and contrasting objects of this world - and when reaching the zenith, comforts the beings.

Anchoring oneself like a rooting tree looking to flourish better.

Observation is a sharp skill for the Creator of Spaces.

It's only by pressing on pause, that we can move forward.

Just like a triple jump athlete reaches suspended in the air, before reaching further.

More daring.

Stronger with purpose,

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