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From the designer's eye

Deconstructing the Construction

2020 - 09 - 08

The silky sand slips through the fingers. Elusive, almost.

Such is Time.

Here we are far from the health crisis of COVID19.

Here it is elsewhere. The horizon line fades merging with the sky.

The sky, that powerful azure facing the tides guided by the moon.

Here the canvas is endless and yet space is orchestrated as a whole.

We become spectators of nature's Design.

The designer - here - can only observe the duality highlighted by Descartes: Design stands out from Drawing.

Energy is everywhere in this fresco which turns into blazing flames at dusk ... before disappearing it all.

Here the Designer rediscovers himself. And among the dense vegetation made of ferns, he catches sight of proud and assertive orchids. Like resilience embodied.

Here we are far from the health crisis of COVID19 and yet our senses are on alert.

Here in the Bay of Comeau, an Interior Designer celebrated life, dazzled by the intensity of colors, textures, space ... the surrounding energy of life.

Here we also understand our why, our mission, our passion.

The Design of space fascinates us

Our vocation: Translating the purpose of humans into the Space.


Part two of this series in the next publication

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