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Let's build the future together

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2020 - 03 - 31
For design planning let's build the future together

Building the future, together

For over 35 years our team of designers have been helping companies from Quebec, Canada and beyond borders. We have contributed to the growth of companies by improving wellbeing in working spaces. We would like to give thanks to our clients, partners, manufacturers and makers. We have developed strong relationships and are grateful for this.

Considering the current context, millions of people keep on bringing value to this world. The community remains active. Companies come to For. design planning looking for solutions regarding office needs, we help put a vision into action. We are like a forum and our mission is to bring forward both companies values and human values in the most rightful way.


Design is an ever-changing process.

Social distancing has led us to rethinking working spaces because when we will get through this phase we are in, the community will get back together evolve in spaces that will be motivating and optimized so innovation and growth will flourish.

We are here for you.

We are for.

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